• I respond to massages within 48 h 

    If you are a new customer or you are an existing client but are looking to make a change on your hair, please provide ​me​ the information ​below​ via email​.
    1. Picture of your current hair in natural lighting 
    2. Inspirational photo
    3. Your hair budget - this will allow me to determine what is achievable with your budget
    4. Options for availability 
    I am looking forward to working with your beautiful hair 💖
    My intention is to give you the best hair experience ever!
    I am available to take your call 
    • Monday - Friday 10am-5pm
    The salon is open for services by appointments only 
    • Tuesdays 10am - 1pm  
    • Saturday 9am - 6 pm. 
    If you have any questions email me or fill out the form below with all the details. 

    I respond to massages within 48 h 

      The salon is located in Downtown Birmingham, North Side of Old Woodward | Across From Booth Park | Next to Kohler | Lower Level