Hello, I am Eda the creator and the owner of Papillon Blanc Salon.
Nice to meet you! 
Before I decided to attend the Beauty Academy of Ann Arbor, I was debating going to school for interior design. I was curious about the chemistry of hair. I wanted to know the ins and outs of hair chemistry, hair growth, and the changes that hair goes through from person to person.
Because hair is so important to me, I decided to take beauty and hairdressing to a different level and graduated from Beauty Academy.
After being in the industry for over a decade, I have acquired much knowledge about hair. Being able to determine which hair color suits each person, and being able to create and duplicate each hair color has become second natural to me.
However, during my hair journey, I realized the most crucial part of working behind the chair is that being who you are is a critical component of doing what I love.
To me, it’s not just about doing hair. It’s about achieving each customer’s desire in a way that is so valuable to them. Hair is so personal; my goal is to make every person feel the best they possibly can.
There is a certain confidence that becomes part of a person’s attitude when one likes the way they look. I have had women tell me after services that it has changed the way they walk or behave when their hair looks good. That is so rewarding to me.
By opening Papillon Blanc, I get to experience this bliss every day and help more and more people gain the confidence they need to feel amazing.

Our Philosophy

Sometimes, us women over the age of 30 start to lose our natural glow, and our skin and hair begin to look pale, dull, or worn-out. There’s a reason for the term “youthful glow.”
Dull hair is one of the first signs of aging, and while most of us use different elements or different products to make us look fresher and younger, having a professional hair stylist by your side is the best defense.
At Papillon Blanc Salon, we specialize in hair coloring – but not just any type of hair coloring. For women to look naturally fresher and younger, we are a balayage hair salon that specializes in creating hair color that will compliment each woman’s features.
Using hair coloring that complements your skin is done to achieve a natural look. The techniques that our hair colorists use are so essential to make the color itself multi-dimensional and seamless throughout the hair.
At Papillon Blanc, our goal is to eliminate harsh and brassy highlights and deliver a softer, more lived-in look. The purpose of the hair coloring routine and lifestyle is to make us look younger and feel confident within ourselves and with people that are around us wherever we may be daily!
When you look good, you feel good. In fact, I have women tell me after I have worked with their hair that not only do people compliment them about how much younger they look, but it has changed the way they carry themselves in their personal and professional environment.
As a balayage hair salon, we specialize in creating natural-looking hair color through the technique of balayage. Being a color salon allows us to achieve a natural, seamless transition throughout the hair while giving your hair that “lived-in” look that is so desirable.
If you’ve been searching the internet for the “best balayage salon near me,” you’ve found what you are looking for. We also offer balayage classes for hairstylists who are looking to expand their skills. Please book an appointment at our balayage hair salon in Birmingham, Michigan today.

Our Hair Salon Services

Below are just a few of the many services we offer at our hair salon!



Did you know that we are one of the first hair salons in Michigan to specialize in balayage? Not only are we one of the best artists in the balayage, but we are also proud hair colorists in Michigan.

If you are looking to have your hair look natural and seamless, balayage is the most effective technique. 

We do recommend that you consult with your stylist before each hair coloring service.  


Color & Cut

Of course, just like any hair salon, we offer a regular cut and color. Our hair stylists are incredibly talented at creating a look that you will absolutely love, using their experience and your desires to create a beautiful result! You can bring in photos for guidance or let our stylists suggest cuts and colors that will flatter your face and skin tone.


Say that a month or so ago you had an amazing color service and left the salon feeling like an absolute queen. Now, some weeks later, you just aren’t loving your hair as much and you can’t quite put your finger on what it may be. Over time, your hair color will naturally change color to some extent — even with permanent dyes. This is completely normal and just something that we have to deal with. Thankfully, a toner is an easy fix for this problem. This is a great option for people who have their hair colored but do not have full color services every four to six weeks. A toner can tone down the brassiness, add a nice hue, or add warmth depending on your desired look.

Hair Extensions

If you are looking for tape in hair extensions in Birmingham, we’ve got you, and your gorgeous new locks covered. Tape in hair extensions not only add length to your hair, but fullness and texture as well. Make sure to choose a hair salon with excellent colorists (like us!) for extensions so they can color match the extensions and your natural hair for a seamless transition.


Blowouts are becoming more and more popular. Some women get a blowout for a special occasion, whereas others religiously visit our Birmingham salon for a weekly blowout. A blowout is a service that involves a wash, blowdry, and style. It’s more of a pampering session than a hair service, yet it leaves your hair looking fabulous and fills you with confidence.

Pro Tip: If you do get blowouts and other hair services regularly, take a look at our membership program. Our membership includes an annual fee in exchange for major discounts on your regular services, including blowouts which are only $20 with the membership program! (Our membership plan is available for a limited time only so be sure to check here for the latest details! However, once you sign up, your prices are guaranteed to be locked in for one year!)


Eyebrow Shaping 

The state of your eyebrows can have an effect on your entire face. Not only does the shape of your eyebrows matter, but the color does as well. We offer eyebrow shaping and tinting services. Eyebrow tinting or eyebrow coloring can help your eyebrows stand out more if your brows are naturally light or white/gray, or it can help your eyebrows and hair go better together if you color your hair differently than your natural color.

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