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Our mission is to coach and train hairstylists that are struggling in the hair industry and who want to be a high-income level hairstylist. Whether you just graduating or have been in the industry for 3 years, and feel you are not getting ahead with your profession, we have the tool and knowledge to take you to the next level within 6 months coaching 

The Stylist's Accelerator Coaching Program will transform you into a complete advanced hairstylist with expertise in the top 9 top hairstylists dynamic skills- customized marketing to your ideal customer, how to formulate any hair color, communicating in a way that will increase your monthly appointment books, learn to win a customer vs making a sale, advanced hair coloring techniques, balayage skills, delivering your customer's vision, high income, consistency, and business knowledge. 

Fast track your hairdressing career with one to one coaching you can become independent 

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